FAC3OFF - Chemistry EP - Trapez 230

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New Ep by FAC3OFF

We welcome back FAC3OFF with a brand new EP. After having released 6 EPs, starting in 2016, with him he now has written 3 tracks that are centered around the raw energy and the drum mightiness he is known for. New is his liking for more distorted nasty drums and a persistency of sequences.

"Chemistry“ by FAC3OFF

The EP kicks off with an off-beat sequence in "Chemistry" and an accelerating percussion, gloomy dark sounds and an analog loopy sound that all stimulate the nervous system of the dancer. As with all of his music FAC3OFF makes music to dance to and this track is no exception. Dive into the sea of white noise and grinding sounds and wait for the life saving beats to pull you to the shore.

"Acid Consolle“ by FAC3OFF

"Acid Consolle" is nothing short of a mighty & heavy beat marching alongside destroyed amiga sounds. These frayed sounds open like an abyss, the natural symbol of the power of darkness which he explores here in a stunning way.

"Book Of Zen" by FAC3OFF

"Book Of Zen" does not waste any time and instantly plunges into action with a percussion that sounds like chain armor. Heavy duty techno with helicopter sounds that describe a neurotic state amazingly graphically.

FAC3OFF has been picked up by Break New Soil and by Carl Cox in 2019 with whom he released the "On The Run" EP.

He is also currently supported by Marco Carola, Hollen, Dr Motte, Richie Hawtin and Adam Hudson (Nemone’s Electric Ladyland -BBC6)!

Release date:                                                             20. November 2020