Hayden F - Abstract Movement - Trapez 231

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Hayden F`s first release on TRAPEZ

The French artist Hayden F can look back on long DJ career and has been producing music for 7 years. He was resident in the club La Factory and in the Inox Club and has played at the prestigious Mutek festival in Barcelona in 2020. His approach is not to pre-defined but the tracks are written in the course of experimenting with sound and energy. As he says in his own words: „I approach my compositions with care, and a lot of room for experiment. I always look for dualities in my tracks between somber deep power and clarity / positive energy. It defines what I am, and translate the emotions that are part of me and the world that I am living in. Each instrument is a key piece in the story I tell: it evolves, it is alive, and above all, it is true. I use a lot of LFOs on many parameters, because I need some part of the music to be out of my control, random, sometimes chaotic, as life can be. I want my music to be constantly evolving without ever losing its vibrant energy. It will be deep, sometimes hard, sometimes emotive, and often both. It will always be sincere and personal.“

"Abstract Movement“ by Hayden F

His EP for Trapez kicks off with "Abstract Movement" a raw industrial sounding acid tune with no stunts, switching the machines „on and off“ for some stop and go feeling.

"Dynamic Peace“ by Hayden F

"Dynamic Peace" builds on more depth with a composition of melancholic melodies and is made to put some goose skin effect to the dancer on the floor.

"Dynamic Peace" Re:Axis Remix

José Diogo Correia aka Re:Axis has remixed "Dynamic Peace" and kicked out the melody and made it a massive rhythmic affair relying predominantly on drums with little reference of the original. Instead he plays with the synergy and energy which is generated in between the lines.

"Decompression" by Hayden F

"Decompression" again picks up on Hayden F’s melodic side and combines it with some sick sequential sounds to show progression.

"Smile When You Think About Me" by Hayden F

"Smile When You Think About Me" is the bonus track of the EP and is sort of an intro or outro track whatever you would like to call too. It connects feeling wise to a 4:00 minute heaven like sound before the kick drum goes to work.

Release date:                                                              11. December 2020