The Rares - Fusion - Trapez 243

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First TRAPEZ with The Rares in 2022!

The Rares return to Trapez with their newest invention. As with their last release on Trapez, The Rares take in a lot of different influences to create a blend that can build up tension.

Their vintage analog machine they work with does not miss out on the modern sound inventions. Their powerful baseline is rooted in a perfect groove that creates a timeless techno-funk.

The duo have been recording together since 2017 and are played by Pan Pot, Karotte, Skober, Sasha Carassi, Juliette Fox and many more. In 2021 The Rares released two tracks on Black Snake Recording which were very successful.

So we are happy to feature with "Fusion", "Nervous" and "Cube" three unreleased new tracks of theirs.

Release date:                                                                  21. January 2022