Kay Barton - Get Rid Of Yourself EP - Trapez 244

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Kay Barton's follow up on TRAPEZ!

Kay Barton producer from Heidelberg/Vienna strikes again with his second EP "Get Rid Of Yourself" for our label Trapez. Since he has moved to Vienna his creativity has seen even more of a rise.

And yes... welcome to the world of Kay Barton that is unpredictable and now sees even more energy and life exposed on his new tracks.

Experience with "Goddesses" a rave anthem in its own authority that is based on native chants, cool drumming and 303! We cannot wait to hear that track on the dance floor.

"Panic Boost" is a hi-energy techno roller coaster with a break that will have the adrenaline going on a high scale.

"Changing Our Minds" comes with a distinctive vocal ala Grand Pubahs "Sandwiches" certainly with a different context to it but with an unparalleled energy level you will not forget.

Release date:                                                                18. February 2022