Martyn Playfrd - QRSix - Trapez 245

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Martyn Playfrd's third EP on TRAPEZ!

Martyn Playfrd is a master of techno minimalism, authentic to the bone. We have received much praise from DJ legends for his EPs of the past. Each sound of his falls perfectly into place and thats what techno funk is all about.

This EP is even for Martyn Playfrd standards something special. Deranged but outstanding stuff with that extra portion of FUNK! "Burn Oxygen" is a great dadaist version of Chicago’s "Dancemania". This is forged industrial techno made with a handful of machines that makes you "shake your booty" as some would say. This is great.

"QRSix" is a hell of a groover to start with. No need for anything else when you have such a groove installed. But Martyn ads these small sounds that are partly ghostly, partly half human. Alienation meets the comfort of a fantastic groove. What is evoked here and what it does do to your mind and body is just super extraordinary. We love this track so much.

The last track of the EP is nothing but great! "Elon & Venus" is more heavy and more on the techno side. Sexy, heavy techno for all of you who like the sweat bouncing off the basement ceiling because this can easily happen when this track is played out in small intimate clubs.

Release date:                                                                     18. March 2022