FAC3OFF - Betrail EP - Trapez 246

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FAC3OFF is back on the track!

We welcome back FAC3OFF. As you might have read Liam was in a situation were he had to take a break and it was not clear if he would ever return. We were more than happy to see he picked up making music again.

We were also very happy to have been chosen by him as the label he releases on right after his break.

The 3 tracks are proper FAC3OFF tracks. Raw, energetic, authentic techno that has been sculptured out of one piece to create a full satisfactory techno feel.

The EP kicks off with "Power Sonic" marching through a fog of fx and noises when suddenly a ghostly sequence appears to dominate. The atmosphere is doomed, Alien: Covenant.

"Betrail" is less on the pounding side of things but follows a more subtle way and includes more compositional elements. Its complexity seems to create a vacuum and intensity that increases step by step making it a very addictive piece of modern techno. This includes an exceptional epic breakdown which is very captivating!

The last track "Finger Print" is a roaring power-driller of a dark techno track. Straight honest and with the agony that makes it even more realistic. We hope you will find this tune as fantastic as we do.

Release date:                                                                     22. April 2022