Trapez 086 - Donk Boys - Jambalaya

We welcome the Donk Boys on Trapez and with this duo we have expanded our platform for funky and crazy beats. Providing joy and craziness to minimal Techno house, they fit in very well with the likes of Jeff Samuel and Oliver Hacke. The Donk Boys are Martin Abrahamsson and Thomas Jaldemark from Malmö, Sweden. They have recorded on several labels such as Frankie and Plak before and they are a great team when it comes to working together and creating wonderful freak trax. The Donk Boys have developed their own post Chicago twisted jack-funk style over the years, are by now means newcomers or hotspurs, but instead have the balls to play down the situation and then really crank it up to and take it down again, always cool and swinging. This has gained them the support of Troy Pierce, Magda, Claude VonStroke, Jeff Samuel, John Tejada, Mike Shannon, Josh Wink, Karotte, Fabrice Lig and many more. The a-side track “Soffliggare” is a dead cool busy jam of cool funky programmings leading it´s way into sensual old school vibe of Chicago drum machine patterns, always shifting gears... crating nice ups and downs, controlling the pace perfectly... with one hand at the machine and another at the mute button! “Soffliggare” is a freak out killer track with a centrifugal force! “Swipper” the b1 track has the accuracy and sound of a huge gigantic clock, countered by a sweet and warm Chicago organ. It is a track that tells a story of joy and melancholy. “Foolfox” the b2 track works like a hunt, one sound being chased constantly by forceful percussion elements but never really being captured. A parable of live. Another “science fiction” joining in playing the role of an intruder. This is neo realism at its best. Altogether creating a perfect colourful 3-track EP that can also be played by Detroit lovers and DJ´s that love Techno and House in one set.

Release date: 14 April 2008

A. Soffliggare

B1. Swipper

B2. Foolfox

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