Trapez 091 - Gow - Jiffy Hornswoggle

With "Jiffy Hornswoggle" the British producer Gow aka Chris Gowland has put forward a stunning debut release. Three brilliant tracks, that are cool and at the same time over the top and full of joy. Chris is a true believer and you can see him in Middlesbrough's "Riffraff" club kicking out the jams. He also plays regularly at Leeds´s top night "Back to Basics", the "The Ministry of Sound" in London as well as the "Sankeys Soap" in Manchester and at Newcastle's "Shindig". Chris has a great talent for composing music on a club level and knows how to communicate with people through music. He is working on his style and has an eye for details but also never looses the control So you can expect "Jiffy Hornswoggle", "Nipperkin Noodle" and "Ooshie Oolgi" to be adored by the party crowd. In his tracks Chris combines a powerful bassy production with cut up vocal stabs and synths going crazy and wild. The record contains two tracks with fun titles "Jiffy Hornswoggle" and "Nipperkin Noodle" whereas his track "Ooshie Oolgi" and a remix of "Jiffy Hornswoggle" by Monodub are added digitally only. ls and funky programmed cut up sound clips that we believe could be from the original or out of space and last but not least ad a super driving bassline!

Release date: 08 September 2008

A. Jiffy Hornswoggle

B. Nipperkin Noodle

Digital 1. Ooshiw Oolgo

Digital 2. Jiffy Hornswoggle
("To watch a drive" Monodub rmx)

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