Trapez 092 - Jeff Samuel - Chloe's Brain

Jeff Samuel is back on Trapez! After a break and several releases on other labels such as Frankie, his a-side track “Chloe's Brain“ is again a cool nightmare of small ghosts coming alive. Jeff´s talent for fitting small things together to create one sound is a skill he is an absolute master in. There are times when all these elements seems to have a life of their own but Jeff always manages to bring them together with tightness and accuracy. “Chloe's Brain“ is a weird piece of funk that works well with the releases out on Trapez at the moment.   “The Times” on the flipside seems heavier. The production is relentless and strong, still quirky but a whole lot more powerful in this respect.   “Curveball” the first digital bonus track, is probably the straightest track of the whole release presenting itself stronger in the way of a powerful tool which has already rocked several dance floors during Jeff´s live sets!   The second bonus mix comes by Jacob London from Seattle Washington, USA. The duo is well known from their releases on Om Records (San Francisco), Dotbleep (Chicago), Doubledown (San Diego), U-Freqs (UK) and Derrick Carter & Luke Solomon's popular Classic Records (UK) imprint. They have contributed a remix in their own unique funky style. Jacob London´s remix asks the question: "What do you want to do after this" and they really get the remix going with a lot of cool added vocals and funky programmed cut up sound clips that we believe could be from the original or out of space and last but not least ad a super driving bassline!

Release date: 13 October 2008

A. Chloe's Brain

B. The Times

Digital 1. Curve Ball

Digital 2. Chloe's Brain
(Jacob London's Cortical Folds Mix)

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