Trapez 096 - Alex Under - Muscle Tracks

Welcome back Mister Alex Under! After a long break the top Spanish producer returns with a super cool 3 track ep on Trapez. It’s all about the old muscle cars here... pure energy, bold but authentic and true to the core, music he has been famous for and music that sticks to him like bees to honey. The A. side “Chevelle” is the king of the streets for many, elegant but also overdimensional for all that, like European sportcars... the dream for each American highschool kid but also the dream for people that want good value. As Thomas Brinkmann said in his own words” The Chevelle is a damm good car for little money!”. When talking about the “Camero” Alex probably thinks about the Z/28 Chevrolet vintage muscle car. A bit of a copy of the legendary Ford Mustang but not quite as iconic, we grant, but it is still cool enough though. Robust and built with steering that was slow and heavy, it’s optimistically rated 140 horsepower made it a steady going car. The track is made in a way that shows no stunts... no big dynamics... but going solid. The GTO is a hell of a car and we guess that Alex is thinking in favour of the Pontiac GTO, the stock car with the 348 bhp engine than was never able to beat the Ferrari GTO, but had the in your face coolness which this track of Alex has as well. Enjoy a bit of action with our lost child Alex Under when he beats the “minimal slushboxes” in the face.

Release date: 09 March 2009

A. Chevelle

B. Camero

Digital. GTO

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