Trapez 097 - Roland M. Dill - Turboencabulator

Roland M. Dill's first 12” on Trapez regular comes after two records on Trapez ltd and several remixes for Traum. This is definitely a more grinding machine driven piece of techno music than both of his previous EP´s. Roland chose to call his record Turboencabulator, an idea of a incredible complex machinewhich never existed, to illustrate the complexity and the nature of his trax or rather to try toapproach the complexity of machines through emotions. Either this or that way... Roland has mixed all 3 trax in his new hardware setup and is shaping his sound design in a way that is less predictable. The title track “Turboencabulator” was the initial piece of music that he has reinterpreted to create the flipside track “Retroencabulator”. Last but not least the third track “Marzelvane” is a track resulting out of a jam session together with Riley Reinhold that is more steady and roaring.

Release date: 14 April 2009

A. Turboencabulator

B. Retroencabulator

Digital. Marzelvane feat. Triple R

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