Trapez 098 - Jeff Samuel - Circle

Jeff Samuel is back with what we think is his best production for years and with one of the coolest tracks he has done so far.    The a side track “Circle” is really heavy duty bassline driven, a bouncy rocker... which could be up their with Claude van Stroke's bouncy house rockers. The b1 track “Funk Taxi” starts out sick  but eventually changes direction developing into a cool deep chord driven house track.   The b2 track “Lip Service” is driven by cool funky disco grooves and a lot of understatement. It's one of those that can go on forever... maybe a bit of a big surprise and a track that DJs will discover much later and stick to it... Hey this could be a „Soul Center“ aka Thomas Brinkmann track! We think this will be super big in Paris! The digital bonus track “Piece A Dat“ is a dubby, atmospheric, dada funk track with sparks of vocal snippets'.

Release date: 11 May 2009

A. Circle

B1. Funk Taxi

B2. Lip Service

Digital. Piece A Dat

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