Trapez 099.5 - Grünbox - Wiscacho Bombay

The Argentinian musician Grünbox graduated with honours from Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA, with a major in Composition and Music Production and Engineering (2000). He played and recorded with many bands, ranging from electronic/experimental, funk, hardcore, jazz, tango, rock to classical combos. Leo has recorded for CMYK but is still a tip for insiders and Trapez artists such as Oliver Hacke, Riley Reinhold and Gabriel Ananda are already supporting him. What you will directly notice is, that because of his background, Leo is using sounds and combining sounds tht other people are not stumbling across. His extraordinary beat programming puts him close to Mr Alex Under and so he is in the best company on Trapez. “Acid Guanaca” is maybe the most forward pushing accelerating track, still it has the quality mentioned and sounds at times as if sounds of bees had joined the turbulent and driving beats.   “Lyon” with its vocals reminds us at times of Underworld, it is more musical , has cool jazzy elements going and works nice with a sort of abstract “disco bassline”. This is a real piece of music for us. A strong composition and something a bit more emotional. Well if you think you have heard it all, listen to “Wiscacho Bombay”! This is the real cool shit! A  Carribean groove box, jazzy coolness and sounds from water and tumbling ice cubes... a big summer hit!!!! “Tombak” is the crazy bassline track that is stricly for dance, over the top and pure mania.

Release date: 27 July 2009

1. Acid Guanaca

2. Lyon

3. Wiscacho Bombay

4. Tombak

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