Trapez 099 - Jakob Hilden - Glamouflage

Jakob Hilden is one Half of Format B and part of the project Red Robin & Jakob Hilden which was very successful on Trapez ltd.   Jakob´s new solo project involves his vocals and band skills from the past which he has fused here with the production skills he has earned from Format B productions. What we get with the a side track “Glamouflage” is a cool and mighty organ grinder with vocals by Jakob Hilden using catchy lyrics. Less minimal and a big hit.   The b-side is called “Ground n Pound“ and moves like a rattlesnake with it’s strong driving percussion. It`s dark synth lines makes it a soundtrack for the night and once again show that Jakob Hilden knows how to stir a track safe through the night.

Release date: 15 June 2009

A. Glamouflage

B.Ground n Pound

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