Trapez 100 - Various Artists - Trapez 100 pt 1

We're happy that we have been part of a very lively and international techno scene with Trapez for almost a decade. So now with the vinyl 100 out we celebrate this accomplishment with exclusive, unreleased material and lots of curiosities on Trapez and Trapez ltd. Out on CD with 11 tracks as well as on two separate 12“ with a selection of 3 tracks each. The fist record „Trapez 100 pt1“ features tracks by Gabriel Ananda, Roland M. Dill and a Five Green Circle remix by Salz.   We somehow always cross paths with Gabriel Ananda. He has been with Trapez from the start with his „Schaukeldrehen“ (Trapez 017) release and has been a great artist to work with since. Gabriel is a unique character, anachronistic to the bone, uncompromising when it comes to modern sound design which he gives a shit about. Still living in Cologne, he can rock a  bird out of the birds nest with his dirty basslines. His Trapez 100 track „Afu 3“ has dynamic changes young producers would die for.   The duo Salz also from Cologne consist out of Emanuel Geller and Axel Erbstosser. Two of our closest friends since the early days of techno. They have been busy producing dub music for 7 years now and Donal Tierney's "Verse 2the Chorus" was one of their greatest favourites on Trapez ltd. So here you get finest dub house with producers tricks that will put a smile on your face.   Our hottest newcomer Roland M. Dill get's more funky from day to day after his "die hard" "Turboencabulator" which made everyone on the dance floor go wild. Whit his Trapez 100 contribution "1st Century Fox" he comes along with a super funky piece of techno that could establish him alongside John Tejada. From the 100th release onwards, Trapez will feature a brand new look.

Release date: 14 September 2009

A. Gabriel Ananda – Afu 3

B1. Five Green Circle -
Verse 2the Chorus (Salz Remix)

B2. Roland M. Dill - 1st Century Fox

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