Trapez 101 - various Artists - Trapez 100 pt.2

Welcome back to the Trapez world. Dominik Eulberg released stunning records on Trapez in the past: "Gasthof „Zum Satten Bass“" was a huge hit and also "Adler" created a wave of enthusiasm. With his exclusive track "Ambivalent" for the Trapez 100 release he refers to the days when techno was defined through its drive and enormous dynamic. "Ambivalent" is exactly such a pounding driving track with a big synth joining in that creates joy and a great rush.
  "Der Vampir Von Düsseldorf" (eng. the vampire from Duesseldorf) is a legendary track, we released without any writing on the etiquette and just communicated by word. Very few people knew that Oliver Hacke produced it and a lot of people like Michael Mayer and Richi Hawtin played the limited 12“ a lot. Now you get a very cool and fantastic, monumental, grinding remix by Dirt Crew rec label owner Break 3000.
  The Format:B remix of Florian Meindl´s slammer "Blast" is a winner. They manage to walk the fine line between techno and minimal by using sounds from mystery movies and funky beat patters, as well as slow down beats which create funky breaks and interludes that provide the original with a more trippy and rhythmic side.
The vinyl is accompanied by 5 high quality digital bonus tracks. The first track features the remix of one of the ultimate Trapez highlights  of past: Dominik Eulberg´s “Gasthof “Zum Satten Bass””. It was remixed here by  Jonas Kopp who has recently also been so successful with his remix of “Sansula”. This remix has a similar quality, is right on techno feeling,  straight and deep.
Cirkus is a bit of a secret, since the name is a synonym of an artist who  already records for us... Sneaking into the track list under his new disguise  delivering what we think is true Trapez music.
Grünbox is or new artist on Trapez with a modern and non classical techno approach. His track “Alka Meltzer” seems to be a mixture of 3 tracks and is a bit of an underwater experience. It starts ambient goes dubby and ends techno. Quite a journey as we think and something special.
Jacek Sienkiewicz is a very early Trapez artist we released with almost 8 years ago. His track “Autumn 2010” is a wild mixture between Latin and classic electronica from the 7oies as we know if from Steve Reich or Terry Riley or Philippe Glass... Fuelled with a bit of Cabaret Voltaire... this is a groovy piece of shit since it turns toward a beat track in the end.
We welcome the young artist from Germany Bombilla with a very unique piece of music.  Last but not least Tom Dazing has remixed our techno wizard from Cologne  Roland M. Dill pumping out a hard wonderful techno track.

Release date: 12 October 2009

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