Trapez 104 - Roland M. Dill - Low Go

Roland M. Dill  is a passionate DJ, trained musician as well as bit of a scientist. This release tells a story of psycho acoustics. So expect “Low Go” to be something special for your ears and for your soul. Roland likes Chicago music and this track has the chicagoesque feeling in it from the beginning. Those who remember Green Velvet will get a hang also on this powerhouse-techno production! This track will be easily fitted in to every Berghain DJ set and rock the shit out of everyone on the dance floor. Don't expect dubbed out lushness, this is serious “dance or die action”.

  The remixes come from prominent producers around Europe, so starting from a2 to b2: Sian has appeared on a lot on raves and parties with his surf board. He is an international traveller who loves to be reminded of the times when surfing farmers left their houses with door frames and no doors. His remix works in a way a countdown functions. Building up tension at an incredible speed, this track is set out to explode... but Sian would not be Sian if he had not developed a “club friendly torture”. Sian rides the wave of superfatt basslines and adds a sequence that sounds as if someone had replaced his teeth with thin pieces of metal, creating a humming voice comparable to one of a jaws harp. Sian keeps the tension going with very few elements and shows he is a true master of techno.

  Secret Cinema has been accompanying us since his first releases mid of the 90ies and we truly believe quality prevails, not to mention his mayor chart hit just 3 months ago with “Shake Ur Tech-Ass”. Well Secret Cinema is unbelievably massive in his production. We don't see how anyone can fatten up the sound more than he can. But it is not only about tuning and pimping and pimping and tuning... his remix is a masters piece of perfection because it creates something rare... deep emotional hydraulic strength. This is like diving head on into a pool of silicone and getting sucked into it. This track has an hypnotic feel to it that is comparable to Radiohead.

  Darko Esser is an icon in the techno scene of the Netherlands. His remix takes the track in to a direction you would not expect it could go to. Starting rather minimal Darko´s remix soon takes a turn and brings in jack elements and cool nostalgic melodies that will warm the heart of every Detroit techno lover. Was it Derrick May who played chords like this... these strings are looked up in the back of our heads like childhood memories of having your first popcycle exploding in your mouth. This is soulful music!

Release date: 11 January 2010

A1. Low Go (Original Mix)

A2. Low Go
(Sian „Depths of Depravity“ Rmx)

B1. Low Go
(Secret Cinema „Dusk Till Dawn“ Rmx)

B2. Low Go
(Darko Esser „No Go“ Rmx)

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