Trapez 107 - Deepchild - Fire

Deepchild dares to fire out almost a dozen of new tracks after his „Backroom“ debut on Trapez.
The title track “Fire” pulls all strings, this is what we have been waiting for, deep techno with enough passion to drown every dance floor in sweat and tears. “Fire” combines the Miami bass with the New York house with the new school of techno in a vibrant mix.
We don't know when we heard a track like this for the last time, but it sure brings back old memories when tracks made people scream or people felt really touched.
Deepchild opens his soul for us with this massive love song which gets a collective feeling going on the dance floor.
Every time Deepchild´s vocals kick in we feel Jim Morrison has spoken. Coldness and heat change position in this track.
The track on the flipside of the vinyl is a techno rocker remix of Deepchild´s track “Backroom” by German producer Butch, recently voted by the Groove magazine as the best producer in 2009.
Butch has the skill of putting things simple and still creating emotional deep techno tracks. Coming from Hip Hop he knows how to work big basslines, keeping them smooth and fat.
On the digital side we see the fantastic track “Daylight” emerge. Miami bass influenced basslines make it deep and warm sounding. Cool old school Detroit techno-house chords and his vocals praise  daylight as being “home again”.
  “Discolights” is a more subtle track, atmospheric and smooth on the side of the melodies that spread out through the track. “Casey Van Blap” is a bit the joker of this EP, the track is more surreal and might be the track for the DJ that wants things strange and mysterious.

Release date: 12 April 2010

A. Fire

B. Backroom

Digital 1. Daylight

Digital 2. Discolight

Digital 3. Casey Van Blab

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