Trapez 108 - Roland M. Dill - Baked Potato

Hailed as one of his big tunes in his DJ sets by the likes of Dominik Eulberg and Triple R, "Baked Potato" is an excursion into deep waters, dirt paths, rocky hill tops and descending slopes.
This track might be the only one Roland M. Dill has done so far that bends and twists the dynamic in different ways making it a forceful techno epic.  
"Hash Browns" is a funky affair... it wiggles and turns and bends and squeaks and... we are not sure what this track is made of... but it has a shape which constantly changes into another modus operandi.
Working with acoustic shifts form synthetic to "live recorded" sounds and back. This track is far from being a pimped up techno track, this track is as slick as a cucumber and makes transitions like as a snake.
  "Bubble And Squeak" is a bit of a bonus track and a DJ tool.
We grant Roland this bonus and think providing extras for the DJ is a Trapez quality.
Centre of attraction is the groaning bassline that plays a melody which is strong on and very efficient the way Roland has put it. This track throws people against the wall and strips them naked... we guess Roland has written this track with a bit of a tongue-in-cheek meaning to it.
It is heavy as a mule... and something for the heavy duty fraction in the Berghain club.

Release date: 10 May 2010

A. Baked Potato

B1. Hash Browns

B2. Bubble And Squeak

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