Trapez 110 - Grünbox - Share The Bong

Hi, this is not a typical Trapez release. Please be aware Leo is not a typical techno producer, he is between the worlds and seems to be able to play a dozen instruments at the same time.
Leo Grünbaum aka Grünbox has released on Trapez before, his „Wiscacho Bombay“ EP in July 2009 earned praise by Ivan Smagghe who called him... “One of the best artist around”.
Meanwhile also Loco Dice has asked him for a release on Desolat and WARP online shop Bleep has chosen one of his tracks on „Wiscacho Bombay“ for their top 100 track bundle! So Leo gets around!
With his new release on Trapez, Leo really offers Trapez one of his best pieces of music up till now! The Argentinean musician Grünbox has put his hands again on genres and instruments, mixing a cocktail of deep funky techno house.
His new release is a firework of programmed and played instruments, that are deeply rooted in his appreciation for electronic/experimental, funk, hardcore, jazz, tango, rock and more.
The release opens with a real corker. “Share The Bong” is a opium soaked jazz soundtrack for what we call: “a cocktail lounge splatter movie sound from exotica”.
But the track is by no means an abstract obscurum, no it is a celebration of a big party! Ever seen or heard the best moments of Salsa in New York in the 70ies? Well Leo must have been there in his “first life”.
Track No 2 is “Zoomba”, a polka powered sexy beast of a track. This is the little sister of “Share The Bong”, you can feel the same Latin touch. We don't want to forget that also this track has a surreal edge to it when Leo puts the trombone into action.
“Dafunk” is a heavy bassdriven techno house track, starting more minimal and serious than it's two predecessors. But when Leo gets the percussions going he establishes a kind of ritual trance feeling which is awesome. And then Leo starts to reverse women vocals which drives us totally nuts. We have not heard that kind of sexiness since Mike Ink's “Morella”.
Leo's mate Guti has remixed “Share The Bong” for him in a very sensual way. A cool up and down separated by sweet vocals.
The bonus mix comes by Grünbox himself with a variation of his track “Zoomba”.

Release date: 12 July 2010

1. Share The Bong

2. Zoomba

3. Da Funk

4. Share The Bong (Guti rmx)

5. Zoomba
(Grandpa´s Finger Twist von Grünbox)

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