Trapez 112 - Michael Boenig - Toris Moon

Michael Boenig is a true product of the German techno scene.
There are few people still around and spinning in clubs that have been part of the scene since the very begining. Michael has participated in the Frankfurt trance and techno scene in the early 90ies and has constantly developed his skills behind the decks and his own production.
His DJ skills soon earned him a lot of praise and residencies in clubs mainly in Dusseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Hannover. His reputation got him gigs later also in Europe and oversees (USA, Mexico, Brazil).

In 2009 he had a major hit on Kling Klong with the name of: „Der Grune Wald“ and releases with “Toris Moon” his debut on Trapez.
“Toris Moon” picks up a rhythm feel the new school of minimal techno has developed over the years and fuses it with Michael's interpretation of techno. Pascal Feos has remixed “Toris Moon” and has incorporated a stronger house feel he has also highlighted in his recent released album.
The b-side sees the release of an peak time hymn, bold beats, restrained chords that keep making their way to the surface step by step putting a chill on ones skin.

Kiev's hottest techno DJ, who had just recently also remixed Moonbeam for Traum has made a real dance floor churner out of the minimal techno original. By using teasing climaxes und catchy hook lines Spartaque has shown once again his sense for transforming music in to a huge DJ weapon.
Roland M. Dill delivers with his remix again a fantastic groove that moves with style reminding us of the funky and proud attitude Jeff Mills used to call his own.
Roland changes superbly dynamics and altitude through filtered chords and small subtle changes, navigating the ship full speed ahead into the open see of moving legs and jerking heads.

Release date: 13 September 2010

A1. Toris Moon

A2. Toris Moon (Pascal Feos rmx)

B. Tanzvietel

Digital 1. Toris Moon
(Michael Beonig's "Help" mix)

Digital 2. Toris Moon
(Spartaque remix)

Digital 3. Toris Moon
(Roland M. Dill remix)

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