Trapez 113 - Roland M. Dill - Casino Capitalism

We can only speculate on what Roland M . Dill wants to express with a title like “Casino Capitalism” and in how this correlates with his making of music.
First of all it is not a political dimension he refers to but a simple technical term and Roland is known by now to the techno world as an architect and composer rather than a person who works for a one-dimensional world. Talking about “Casino Capitalism” we want to state here it is a hell of a funk monster! A cool odyssey changing angles of perspective, dynamics, but always keeping it cool and elegant.
There is space for silence as well as roaring passages... not to forget that the track burst of emotional strength. The track describes “a condition” rather than a simple state of mind... but who knows Roland M. Dill knows that he is a guy who takes on the most difficult challenges and let’s his composition skills and intellect do the work. This is a great tune!
“The Hierarchy Of Peeps And Booms” is a slacker of a track. The Bassline is almost disco. The sounds sound like mosquitoes on a mission to dart into your skin. Sequences distorted and rough... this is what techno is all about. This track is a sick one.
Not the Roland M. Dill power techno we know from the past but more like thick “static in the air”. DJs who liked “Taurine On Sunday” will like this even better, this production is bassy!
B2 is a remix of  “Hash Browns“ by Frankfurt legend Patrick Lindsey who has recorded for Harthouse in the past (to just name a few) and belong definitely to the more avant-garde alongside Heiko Laux and Johannes Heil. Patrick has worked recently with Radioslave, Adam Beyer, Thomas Schumacher and Oliver Huntemann and you can tell he has funk in his bones. His remix is a cool “body mover” with rhythms and short down pitched vocals, twists and curls... this remix is for the DJs who really want to build up a communication with the dancer. No shallow tales or cheap thrills... deep techno of the most advanced kind with a lot of Chicago trax flavour injected.
  Digital add add-ons come by Trapez artist Michael Boenig and by techno legend Justin Berkovi. Michael is a real player on the techno floors in the area around Cologne, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf. A man who can make strong decisions and has simplified the rollercoaster in it’s original version into a big “peak time” Tour de Force.
Justin was raised in Brighton and belongs certainly to the group of people associated with Christian Vogel, Neil Landstrumm, Surgeon, although communicating a slightly different approach on Djax Up, Music Man, Moskito, Harthouse and last but not least on his own label Predicaments and Nightrax. Justin greets us with a jacked up drum pattern, and a tripped out journey down the path of classic Chicago house. His version of “Hash Browns” introduces lots of bouncy earthquake like bassy sounds, spine tingling psyche out sounds in the breaks that make the mix funky. Last but not least we present a remix of “Baked Potato” from Michael Boenig who has just released his first 12” on Trapez.

Release date: 11 October 2010

A. Casino Capitalism

B1. The Hierarchy of Peeps and Booms

B2. Hash Browns
(Patrick Lindsey Rmx)

Digital 1. Baked Potato
(Michael Boenig Rmx)

Digital 2. Hash Browns
(Justin Berkovi Rmx)

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