Trapez 116 - Taster Peter - Porno Totale

Taster Peter aka Pietro Marsili, former drummer of the Italian band "Taster's Choice" has successfully collaborating lately with artist such as Umek, Marco Bailey and Oliver Koletzki.
We have been in touch with him for a while, so we are proud to finalize a release with him. The 3 track vinyl EP is a real techno stormer.
Opening with a piece of euphoric madness named "Skatebored" that has Trapez go peak time. This is not about Berlin modernism but about hi frequency techno at its best. Call it a roller skating anthem or a force from the past, call it nostalgic or cliché, you cannot get away with making Taster Peter a compliment for this hysteric tour de force. There are classic things which we find for example it is all about catchy leads, a massacre of vocals and a storming break... but this all it needs to make it a big DJ weapon. And... to give one more comment on it... it is a hell of fun.
  Well “Porno Totale” is not bad either and can be defined as a techno avalanche, a rush of energy par excellence! Keeping things simple and focusing once again on that all important groove and these catchy chords that keep adrenalin pumping... it seems to be just the right answer to “Skatebored”.
  We must state here... we have not heard anything like this since Dave Clarke´s “Red 1”... and it sure makes techno minimalism look old in the mix. No one less than Samuel L Session was asked to remix “Porno Totale” and this really completes the package. Samuel L Session is certainly a person who has all the experience to mix pumping basslines and has the jack going through the track. This mix keeps the nice retro touch but adds some warmth to it as well as giving it it bit more of a personal touch.
  A digitally bonus mix comes by Peter Horrevorts who delivers here a super catchy DJ tool!
Focussing on funky tech house he is so famous for... he adds a musical direction which has not been attempted by the other artists on this release. Well done!
  Taster Peters music has been recently licensed to the new Karotte's Kitchen Compilation and here is a interview of Taster Peter: HYPERLINK ""

Release date: 17 January 2011

A. Skatebored

B1. Porno Totale

B2. Porno Totale
(Samuel L Session Remix)

Digital. Porno Totale
(Peter Horrevorts Remix)

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