Trapez 117 - Xircus - Reality Bites EP

“Reality Bites” is the second release of Xircus on Trapez, following their track „Simplicit“ on the Trapez 100 release. The duo is consists out of Traum artist Max Cooper and UK producer Satyajit Das and their project has by far a stronger focus on the dancier side of Max Cooper but still works with concepts.
Starting with “Rolf Harris”, we see this track creating a weird interaction between the stream like “tracky” beat and the manipulated sounds. A bit of a concept here that works well and is not supposed to be as “traditionally funky” as Akufen´s “Psychometry Series” on Trapez.
“Hyperventilation” says it all... the concept here is a panic stricken inward breathing that rhythmically intervenes with the beat in a magic way.
  “Dehydration“ uses samples of water in a rhythmically way to install the Xircus funk here.
Remixes come from the UK artist duo Deepgroove and Argentinean producer Ronan Portela.
Deepgroove have shifted the original much more in a direction of funky minimal tech house tune, injecting a lot of weirdness by manipulation of sound, keeping a high degree of chubbiness going that will appeal also to a larger audience.
We are happy to be able to include Ronan Portela as a remixer.
Portela lives in Buenos Aires and as you realise right from the beginning of his remix, he writes killer grooves. The beat could just as well go on for the whole of the night.
His recent tech-house sound fits perfectly to modern times and in the last respect matches Max Cooper's approach to use modern technology to manipulate sounds and place them in a clubby environment.

Release date: 14 February 2011

1. Rolf Harris

2. Hyperventilation

3. Dehydration

4. Rolf Harris
(Deepgroove rmx)

4. Rolf Harris
(Ronan Portela rmx)

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