Trapez 119 - Deepchild - Talk To Me

Deepchild hammers out another 5 cool tracks as if he had become a machine himself.
Fascinated by analogue drum machines, the wonders of unrulable analogue mightiness, Deepchild assumes here the role of an explorer, looses himself in the wonderful world of spiritual sequences and sounds.
“Talk To Me” is such an transcendental trip, we could compare to Jungle Fever's “Malaria“ powered images. Deepchild at his best... full of sound and yet with so little ego, it is just like the old days when music making was never thought of being linked to money mad people.
“Live At Dimitris 1993” is a daring but cool combination of a walking bass we know from Mister Fingers fused with Daft Punk vocals which have been fried down to a piece of phozy fibre, and fragment splinters of electronic sparkling matter.
This is sci-fi tech house... hypnotic and super funky. Welcome to the deep world of the deepest child in techno bizz.
“Innocence Is Gone” is a surreal trip into a world where even words are morphed into sound. This track frees itself from anything which could mean dead freight.
This is a a track that is so much in love and in harmony with itself, you can only go along with it and find your peace... otherwise you'd better shut off the tune. For the people who love music we say.
“TC Dub” picks up the feeling and natural progression on the rhythmic side “Innocence Is Gone” has established, if you like the feeling of that track it's perfect for you.
“The Sword” works a bit with a shuffle  programming so it is something new. For all of you who like Sade this track has that kind of mildness to it... venture to taste it!
Our beloved Trapez artist from Buenos Aires Grünbox has a run right now with his dead funky stuff, so please check this out here!
For a slight more minimal approach spiced with post Detroit flavour... check out the fantastic remix of Denite.

Release date: 11th April 2011

1. Talk To Me

2. Live at Dimitris 1993

3. Innoncence Is Gone

4. TC Dub

5. The Sword

6. Talk To Me
(Grünbox remix)

7. Talk To Me
(Denite remix)

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