Trapez 120 - Matador - Handbagass

Irish artists Matador aka Gavin Lynch has released a dozen records already and is a well respected producer. His remix of Perc’s "Work Softer" put him on the list for DJs with taste and since then he has been supported by the scene.
Trapez is proud to have a release by another talented Irish producer after Donnacha Costello who recorded on Trapez under the name of "Pleite" successfully.
Gavin has a new and fresh perception of techno his music relies on it’s strength not to be too elaborate but rather focussing on the essentials and executing these in sheer perfection. The mystic formula can be found in these tiny differences we all love.
"Sisi" maybe be the strongest and most direct of all 4 tracks. Melodic and still with a great attitude for understatement this track is catchy enough to make the hairs stand up... followed by an emotional shudder.
"Handbagass" is much more playful but at the same time has that certain kind of "static" feeling to it which is responsible for so many records so special and artistic on Trapez.
"Jeno" is a spooky track with a haunting quality which gets under your skin. It will appeal to all the Sähkö  fans. This track has that kind of "engine drive" which makes it so distinctive.
"Mood To Swing" works with wailing sounds that could come from a cat or a human.
Remixes come from Trapez artist Dopamine, who has done an incredible remix of" Handbagass", working with a super nice static feeling himself... sounding as if Kraftwerk fell in to a deep and steep hole of dark matter.
Von Bonn, who has just released his first record on Telrae delivers a classy bassy dub techno remix that will knock you out of your sandals.
David Meyer remixed Matador’s "Handbagass" into as shape shifting techno house groover that has an atmospheric as well and a intricate rhythmic side to it, whereas Joey Bush’s remix of “Handbagass” skips the kick drum in favour and has a cool bassline and catchy percussion.

Release date: 02 May 2011

1. Sisi

2. Handbagass

3. Jeno

4. Moodswing

5. Handbagass
(Dopamin remix)

6. Handbagass
(Van Bonn remix)

7. Handbagass
(David Mayer remix)

8. Handbagass
(Joey Bush remix)

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