Trapez 121 - Deepchild - We Can't Go Back

We welcome home Deepchild after his “Talk To Me “release on Trapez earlier this year.
Deepchild’s new soulful attack starts with “We Can’t Go Back” a funky marching monster... it visulises a large formation of people in motion on a much larger plain all dirty with brown clay.
Deepchild goes super cool on this track... using very cool delays and sounds that remind us of the best Chez Damier! This track creates heatwaves on a very sexy level. Watch out don`t touch.
”Everytime I'm Alone With You” is “analog knitted“ and sizzling with sounds... below a tension is accumulated on which the whole track rests. Rick stays cool at the controls, twists and tweaks sequences... sometimes you think, this could be the much talked about future of Acid... then when you think about it Deepchild has long ago left the path. Try to catch Deepchild... the elctronic lizard.
The remixes start with a remix by Berlin artist Van Bonn who has releases a 10” on dub techno label Telrae recently and has done a very good remix for Matador on Trapez. Van Bonn masterfully creates space in tracks and has a very good sense to keep the flow with abstract sounds. We here with trust his taste and movements.
Luca Lozano, who has been recording with Robotti in the past... has taken on “Talk To Me“ and has twisting it towards a trippy, lightfooted, bouncy and joyous acid track! An uplifting summer track which could very well workout in outdoor raves during the summer in Berlin.
We are happy to cross paths with Berlin based Robotti again. Known for his music on Klasse recordings, his work for Berlin Kreuzberg Institute and last but not least for his remix of Riley Reinhold & Roland M Dill’s track “Kunstkopf” on Proton, he has choosen to remix “Live At Dimitris 1993”. Robotti dunks the original into a deep acoustic soup, creating a tension through glittering strings, when in the course of the track, all changes towards a more comfortable deep house track. This remix is certrainly for special moments and for daring DJs who create a set rather than play out hits.

Release date: 13th June 2011

1. We Can't Go Back

2. Everytime I'm Alone With You

3. We Can't Go Back
(Van Bonn rmx)

4. Talk To Me
(Luca Lozano "Black & White Remix" remix)

5. Live at Dimitris 1993
(Sacha Robotti remix)

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