Trapez 122 - Roland M. Dill - The Good The Bad The Ugly The Evil

The Good The Bad The Ugly The Evil is a full on and brand new 4 track EP from our Cologne artist Roland M. Dill.
Roland has worked here with a stronger live-set up resulting in tracks more organic.
Developing from within rather than being developed, the  tracks seem to have a stronger hypnotic edge to them.
According to the titels the track all show diffferents characteristic.
Starting with “The Evil” this track is not very obvious but works very much by itself, whereas “The Good” is a perfect intermezzo for DJs who really build up their sets with a lot of skill.
“The Ugly” is a mental track... it has stunts, it screams, it sees no end... this is mandness on the highest level and also “The Bad” is written in this vein.
We have a cool, playful und lively groove remix by Ronan Portela of ”The Bad” that goes neatly with the mixing of tracks that want to keep it bouncy.
After Van Bonn’s super remix of Deepchild’s "We Can’t Go Back" (Trapez 121) he returns with a great remix for Roland M. Dill’s „The Evil“. Clad in his techno dub style Van Bonn dives into the genre of Post Detroit playing strings in such an emotional way that it has chilled us to the bone. Keep it up!

Release date: 4th July 2011

A1. The Evil

A2. The Good

B1. The Ugly

B2. The Bad

Digital 1. The Bad
(Ronan Portela remix)

Digital 2. The Evil
(Van Bonn remix)

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