Trapez 123 - Frank Sonic & Mike Maass - Blizzard

Frank Sonic has just recently released a 12" with Tube & Berger on MBF, here we are releasing a much more techno focussed release of his.
Frank has been successfully DJing in for years and has been a force as the resident DJ in the Butan club (Wuppertal), maybe the most prominent club in Germanys coalmining district for techno. For his Trapez release he has teamed up with his mate Mike Maass. With their production Trapez is starting a new series of harder techno releases following Roland M . Dill’s Trapez 122.
  Frank and Mike have created with their original of "Blizzard" a kind of sci-fi monster that skilfully creates a perfect pace and feeling.... sneaking in FX sounds creating a "breathing sound" within the track. We say it is a rocker!
  The Secret Cinema remix of "Blizzard" is a rollercoaster of a track, we don’t want to say to much here, but imagine a solid hour of genuine techno compressed in a trax playing time and you can guess how strong this remix is. No more word's needed.
  A. Mochie, who had his breakthrough internationally with Len Faki’s "Death by House" mix, has here given "Blizzard" his treatment. Creating a cool static feeling that is intensified with each step, he builds up a feeling of urgency. We (at Trapez) would like to call "the ambulance feeling"!
"House Soldier" in it’s original version is a bit of a tongue in cheek affair using the sample "house "in a harder techno context. The track has a mesmerizing flow, while building up a musical inertia that is impossible to stop. House Soldier is last but not least a bassline driven force into modern techno.
Alexandro Trebor, is an upcoming French artist and has remixed "House Soldier" in a really tight way... there is virtually no element that does not rock hard in this track. This is power techno at its best.
Van Bonn, already a bit of an institution for his techno dub remixes has chosen to give "House Soldier" a Berlin feel. Van Bonn’s remix stands for a hybrid of old school techno  and new school attitude, combing slashing "Speedy J" sounding snares with elevating experimental soundscapes. Ride the Van Bonn wave!

Release date: 8th August 2011

1. Blizzard

2. Blizzard
(Secret Cinema remix)

3. Blizzard
(A. Mochi remix)

4. House Soldier

5. House Soldier
(Alejandro Trebor's "Soldier On Front Line remix)

6. House Soldier
(Van Bonn remix)

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