Trapez 129 - Taster Peter - The Clipping Track

This is the second release with Taster Peter on Trapez  and it breaks with the harder dark hypnotic releases on the label to provide Trapez with a strong "rave" tune.

Powered by rave signals of "rectangle saw tooth frequencies" and vocals... "The Clipping Track" is a straightforward, positive, dance tune with a strong collective feeling. And who else than Taster Peter would give us that jolly good fun all in one sealed package?

"Villa Frankenstein" has a big groove, it is a 100% DJ tool that keeps up it’s dynamic till the very end.

The first remix comes from German Techno legend Alexander Kowalski, who has given "The Clipping Track" a cool vintage post Detroit Techno feeling, a great interpretation, deep and mighty as well... and we are sure there are people out there who will go wild with this track.

The second remix comes from Maxime Dangles who has recorded for Speicher, K2, Boxer, Kompakt Extra, and many more... so to speak is also a corner stone of techno history and has added to the original of "The Clipping Track" a hybrid of a techno and disco feeling, based on a cool groove... this is a crowd pleaser... a good one.

Release date: 13th February 2012

1. The Clipping Track

2. Villa Frankenstein

3. The Clipping Track
(Alexander Kowalski's "Full Red Mix")

3. The Clipping Track
(Maxine Dangles Remix)

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