Trapez 130 - A. Trebor - The Final Riot EP

For all of you who know Mike Dunn, Lil Louis and all the early Dance Mania Heroes, the swinging open hi hats, the pounding kick drum… this is a release for all of you. Hi energy Chicago house with an goose skin effect.

And now A. Trebor brings us his own interpretation that picks up that flair in the best possible way.

  Listen to T.F.R pt.1 that does just this or listen to T.F.R pt.2, the ghost track, that works on both ends, the rave and the slick percussion drilling its way into your heart... not forgetting the occasional deep breathing!

T.F.R pt.3 is a bit like Lil Louis  "Video Clash"… this is the raw style that kills the air in clubs.

Release date: 12th March 2012

1. T.F.R. pt. 1

2. T.F.R. pt. 2

3. T.F.R. pt. 3

4. T.F.R. pt. 1
(Van Bonn Remix)

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