Trapez 132 - Taster Peter & Heartik - Rapture - Vulture

Taster Peter joined the Trapez family some time ago and has released DJ weapons in a big way. This time he teamed up with Heartik for a new release on Trapez.

Heartik is no stranger to Trapez as he has contributed a remix for & Jonas Fahz’s „Square Wave EP“ in the past on Trapez ltd and also recorded several releases for Great Stuff.

Their opening track "Rapture" builds on tracks like "Porno Totale" which was the debut of Taster Peter but adds a stronger melodic impact which connects style wise with a groundbreaking artist such as Aril Brikha. So this is a feast for DJs who play peak time sets.

"The Vulture" builds on Chicago and Detroit techno. It is more underground by terms and keeps a low profile and coolness and is more for the DJs that build up their set rather than those who hammer tracks into their sets. We think this track fits nice to A. Trebor’s last release on Trapez

Both tracks are DJ weapons which set a nice balance between production and musicality.

Release date: 14th May 2012

1. Rapture

2. Vulture

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