Trapez 134 - A. Trebor - No Man's Land

A. Trebor’s newest release pays tribute to the genre of techno dub in a broad sense.

"No Man’s land" in its original version works with pounding kick drums and electronic, abstract noises that determine this track as well as A. Trebor’s deeper sounds that keep kicking and rising and making it a journey like adventure.

"Issues" is more quiet in terms of sound scapes evolving… keeping it more with the deeper side but still approaching us with heavy kicks and basselines that also make the track a big DJ tool.

Raffaele Attanasio has had considerable success with "Der Pianist" and  "I'm A Jazzman"  and has collaborated with Trapez ltd artist Mihalis Safras as well as Claude Young, Nic Fanciulli and has shown his versatility throughout the last 3 years. He has been played by Ben Clock, Len Faki and Dustin Zahn.

His remix for Trapez is a skilful approach of combining noise with chords and powerful drums, still keeping all relatively abstract. His remix can be filed under Dub techno and keeps the tradition of Trapez including a strong dub techno mix.

Van Bonn’s remix is a cool and relentless piece of techno dub... a track that never let’s you down... working like a mule with a lot of sophistication Van Bonn always brings to his tracks. This is a winner and the missing puzzle to this release.

Release date: 13th August 2012

1. No Man's Land

2. Issues

3. No Man's Land
(Raffaele Attanasios „Dub“ Remix)

4. Issues
(Van Bonn „Dub“ Remix)

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