Trapez 135 - Taster Peter - Twelve

This release of Taster Peter includes a brand new track and 4 remixes of his last masterpiece "Rapture" which he wrote and produced in cooperation with Heartik.

The release opens with the fantastic "Twelve", a slow grinding and deep techno track that moves in a way no slacker can.
Powered by a funky engine and opium feed vocals Taster Peter shows his way to rock the crowd with a minimal set up of elements.
Trailing this track an equally deep monster of a techno track makes its way through the foggy night: "Rapture". Harvey McKay who has just released his solo with Trapez delivers a superb remix that includes the urgency as well as the deepness he is know for with his releases worldwide. This is another highlight by the Scottish producer and will send people flying with centrifugal force.

Ron Costa is another great recording artist from France who works "Rapture" a way only Chicago greatest have done before him, gritty, rough and minimal like Steve Poindexter, Robert Armani, Paul Johnson, DJ Funk and the gang have done it in perfection.

The remix by D-Nox & Beckers is by nature more new school and wins you over though its massive bassline, artistic vocal manipulations and expressive chords treatments.

Van Bonn has the rare ability to celebrate the "raw" with a distinguished form of refinement. It all makes sense and goes together so well that we are again stunned by his remix of Taster Peter’s "Twelve" track.

Release date: 22nd October 2012

1. Twelve

2. Rapture
(Harvey McKay remix)

3. Rapture
(Ron Costa Remix)

4. Rapture
(D-Nox & Beckers Remix)

5. Twelve
(Van Bonn Remix)

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