Trapez 136 - Leghau - Guzao EP

French producer Leghau returns with a brand new EP following his fantastic "Insane EP" on Trapez in December 2011.
Leghau aka Cedric Rebagliato has been releasing selectively on a small number of labels such as Tongut, Figure (Len Faki’s label) and shows now his newest creations with the "Guzao EP".
The release start with the title track "Guzao" a reduced techno tool of a track, reducing itself to a massive drum and single sounds mechanically dropping in and out.
The process here seems intuitive. All sorts of combination of sounds and changes are exercised, and you can virtually grab the sounds when they come in. Leghau is pretty much weighing the ingredients, playing with the right balance, when he shifts the attention from one element to the next one, changing levels here.
"Coarse" has a full-fat industrial-analogue sound will fill you up and keep you glowing with sounds that Leghau pulls out of his hat. It is a stripped-down, mental piece of techno for the die hard fans of the more recent releases on Trapez.
"Octopus" is as alien as the desert can be to you. A track, dark and full with paranoia, lonesome vocals echoing, lonesome sequences spreading like a disease. Octopus is a form of biohazard.
"Abfahrt" pays tribute to the true Chicago traxx rhythm programming changing the dynamic to a horizontal one, introducing slapping percussion elements in best Bruce Lee fashion that leave their mark on the dance floor.
Last track "Got It" is a cat and mouse chase, whereas the elements/sounds in motion never manage to close up to each other. A mental track and a bit of a late night crawler for us.

Release date: 5th November 2012

1. Guzao

2. Coarse

3. Octopus

4. Abfahrt

5. Got It

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