Trapez 137 - Dema & Paride Saraceni - Extreme EP

The second release of Dema & Paride Saraceni is again a special treat for techno heads.
Their "Extreme EP" starts with the title track "Extreme" which actually is nothing less than a hymn with a lot of understatement.
The filtered chords move along like ghosts in a game of life and death and break through the surface and seconds later disappear in to nothingness.
This track is a moody one, is hypnotic as well as a powerful dj tool, never too joyful never too brooding. Dema & Paride Saraceni steer the car well!
Flavio Diaz remix of "Extreme" is as tough as a mule. His beat and bassline are heavy duty weapons and have the force of a muscle car. Flavio has worked together with Rino Cerrone & Jonas Kopp, has released on Drumcode, MB Elektronics, Rhythm Converted, Rekluse and is a real heavyweight. Check out this mix.
The second original is "Phat Off" which is compared to "Extreme" more deep, and maybe slightly more Chicago flavoured, we guess Felix The Housecat would love its darkness.
This track is always on the verge of shooting out the lights and therefore creates the perfect soundtrack for a night of 100% techno madness. Has all the qualities of a classic.
Loco & Jam’s remix is on the heavy side as well with an engine of a beat  given the remix an machine like touch. The Northern Ireland based techno duo Lloyd Reid and James Peoples have recorded for 1605, MB Elektronics, Rekluse, Hedgehog and more and are consistently supported by top djs.
Last but not least Trapez dub techno producer Van Bonn (Telrae) has remixed "Phat Off". Based in Berlin Van Bonn pumps out heavy beats combining them with clicks and cuts and intricate sound shaping... making it a deep but powerful and hypnotic voyage (with wonderful chord patterns) and a true masterpiece of Van Bonn.

Release date: 10th December 2012

1. Extreme

2. Extreme
(Flavio Diaz remix)

3. Phat Off

4. Phat Off
(Loco & Jam remix)

5. Phat Off
(Van Bonn remix)

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