Trapez 141 - Fractious - Undermood EP

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After years crafting production skills as one half of Techno production duo Miniminds (Harthouse, Global Underground, Respekt, Phobiq, 8 Sided Dice), Stephen Garrett is getting around as 'Fractious', exploring the more chunky funky side of Techno. The Undermood EP is his first release with us.
The opening track "Undermood" is a heavy bulldozing traxxter which engine is a mighty  industrial sub bass creation a strong and nice "bouncy" motion, a perfect groove as we would like to put it!
Stephen Garret is a master of uniting contradictory elements to create a subtle but powerful modern techno feeling and this he has certainly done with this track.
Track two is a remix of Italian producer Frankyeffe putting a stronger emphasis on techno house creating a nice climax by layering additional atmospheric sounds by ways of a wall of sound.
This remix will appeal to DJs that are very skilful and are capable of creating a new energy level through clever. The could turn out to be a nice weapon.
"Rift Theory" the second original track on the release  of Fractious and it is a good one. The track developed a steady form of funk that manages to establish a nice groove that can keep a 1000 dancers bouncing with  attitude.
The track has definitely has that certain kind of coolness that is rare and perfect for mixing since it leaves space for another track to join. This is classy techno.
Track 4 features a remix of "Rift Theory" by Italian DJ and producer Luigi Madonna who did a remix for Mihalis Safras a while ago for us. Luigi is a master of painting an industrial soundscape and has a very nice flow with his tracks, which he showed here in his remix for Fractious. This could be a nice groover  for DJs that like to build things in with their sets.
  Incognito is the third original track by Fractious and fits perfectly to the other two tracks in style and movement .The track steers through traffic in a very cool and controlled way, still being sexy and cool. Stephen adds nice Chicago rhythm elements loosening up the tightness from time to time. All done with very much skill and feel for the moment.
Track 6 is a remix of "Incognito" by legendary Italian producer Danilo Vigorito who has intrepretated the track in a more percussive and hypnotic way, reminds up of early Chicago house music of the stranger kind but all done in a new way. This remix has a nice vintage touch which could be a great to play out!

Release date: 8th April 2013

1. Undermood
(Original Mix)

2. Undermood
(Frankyeffe Remix)

3. Rift Theory
(Original Mix)

4. Rift Theory
(Luigi Madonna Remix)

5. Incognito
(Original Mix)

6. Incognito
(Danilo Vigorito Remix)