Trapez 142 - Ron Costa - Bazis Puzzle

Ron Costa is the newest signing to Trapez and a DJ and producer on the rise.

He has already released an exceptional remix for Taster Peters track "Rapture" (Trapez 135) and now we have the pleasure to highlight his first solo release on Trapez. The French artist is really committed to the scene, playing all sort of clubs from what he calls  „the smaller clubs of the world" to top clubs.

He is by all means a free thinker who does not want to limit himself to a certain style and so he is in line with artists like Akufen, Jeff Samuel Tim Green and Florian Meindl on Trapez. He has been exploring minimal, reggae, dub step and folk music and for a while now has concentrated on techno, house and dub.

He mainly releases great music on his own label Potobolo but has recently also released on Sci-Tec vinyl audio alongside Dubfire, Paul Rich etc and has released remixes for Break New Soil and Great Stuff.

His brand new EP for Trapez features the tracks „Bazis Puzzle“ and „Fraaz“, which show his liking for the borderline of house and techno.

"Bazis Puzzle" is a bassline heavy groover  that swoons with its kinetic catchiness and polyrhythmic drumming. It is really the amazing sound design, funky and ear catching leads, coupled with sophisticated arrangement that make it a soulful experience for DJ and clubbers.

"Fraaz" is a mesmerizing polyrhythmic DJ track, a rhythm rocker, with a fantastic stop and go feeling, a track that constantly builds up tension and releases it in its sensual breaks.

Release date: 13th May 2013

1. Bazis Puzzle

2. Fraaz

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