Trapez 143 - RWAC - Deflector

After the RWAC debut on Trapez with "Sirens", which had seen support from Dominik Eulberg, the new follow up EP is here. Monumentalism at its best.
The is no doubt RWAC is not for the weak and not for the deeper moments in a dj set , instead it is an seductive hybrid that combines the raw quality of analogue sounds with a distinguished modern beat that can easily rock big crowds.
The opening track "Deflector" acts in fact like a wormhole, creating centrifugal energy that removes approaching splinters of melodies in a split second…this track is powered by an ongoing process similar to nuclear fusion. Nevertheless RWAC manage skillfully to alternate beat with the analogue beast to get the best out of both worlds. "Deflector " is modern techno at its best and for the ones who know a weapon!
"Dual Cyclotron" sounds like a polyrhythmic gated sound of 1 million bees creating the matrix for this heavy mule of a modern techno track. "Dual Cyclotron" is by no means less energetic or less sophisticated than "Deflector" in fact they work both with strong sequenced analogue sequences that are slung around each other to create a beneficial huge sound carpet.
Who ever seeks for a great intro track can find it in "Cloud generator", but the track is much more, uniting glitches with orchestral sounds in a way Max Cooper would love to have done himself , this track has a TRAUM quality!

Release date: 10th June 2013

1. Deflector

2. Dual Cyclotron

3. Cloudgenerator

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