Trapez 144 - Taster Peter & Van Bonn - Erode

When Taster Peter asked us if it was possible to do a project with Telrae artist Van Bonn, we instantly thought the collision of powerhouse music maker Taster Peter in connection with the deepness of Telrae artist Van Bonn could be "the thing" to do!
So the result is really cool, and we would like you to share the enthusiasm for this project. The EP kicks off with "Erode", a hybrid of a dub-techno chord-lined track that has all the energy we could expect from an artist such as Taster Peter and the details in sound from Berlin based Van Bonn.
The slashing snares and the staggering synths… making it a real techno dinner! The track reminds us of Richie Hawtin’s project F.U.S.E. ... some of the classy bits from the past we have not forgotten.
The second original is "Obsession" a pounding megalith  of a techno track, industrial but at the same time playful.  Ecstatic,  with whirligig synths imploding under the weight of the bassline, it is a meaty track and at times a bit menacing - but also light at heart… looking for a strong arrangement that will surprise and create emotional peaks.
The track distinguished itself through it's bombastic break down in the middle of the track - that will create a nice ravey feeling with bigger crowds!
Another big surprise is the return of Alex Under to Trapez with this remix. Alex has been recording for Soma lately, as you know, and returns here with a phenomenal track for Trapez.
Spain's maestro of techno, Alex Under has written a classic piece of techno creating different emotional levels through grand percussion and shaping  exciting "acoustic rooms" and hypnotic moments… that seem to glow in the dark… leaving traces in the back of your head. Alex Under has announced an EP on Trapez for after summer which we will look forward with great anticipation!
We are happy here to include Roberto Capuano as a remixer! Roberto Capuano has recently released on Drumcode his "Vertigo EP", and reached No1 on Beatport there. He has been supported by Richie Hawtin, Alex Under, Ume and many others.
His remix for Trapez is a forceful and intensive track , a track that drives though traffic at high speed, masterfully avoiding  collision! Release date: 8th July 2013

1. Erode

2. Obsession

3. Erode
(Alex Under Remix)

4. Erode
(Roberto Capuano Remix)

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