Trapez 145 - Reinier Zonneveld - Contact

Reinier Zonneveld a new discovery for Trapez, who is giving his debut as a solo artist on our label. He has recently released an album on Illegal Alien, the label which also releases music by Audio Injection and Jonas Kopp. Reinier is an uprising producer and we are temped to say the future will see him releasing more quality techno music.
The opening track "Evolve" is a powerful DJ weapon, brooding, dark and full of atmosphere and space with a heavenly monotone funk. Reinier follows the maxime of Daniel Bell "never stop a running system" and his exceptional skill and feeling for "moods" allows him to make it a "sonic experience" for all of us. We are just glad he made it a 8 minute piece of music so we can enjoy it at full scale.

The second track "The Fallen" is a powerhouse of a track, an energetic and tempo reflective track, with an impact on the drum programming that will have us bouncing vertically on the dance floor. Reinier steers the track through traffic and occasionally drops without warning a massive chunk of "sci-fi" sounds to sink into the track. We think this is very cool and makes us hungry for more of this kind.
The third track "Involve" connects perfectly with "Evolve" in regards of heaviness and brooding darkness, but has sounds of claustrophobic nature invade the track in a big way.

This is a great track for Trapez "die hard fans" who love the paranoia of Leghau and A. Trebor.
The last track "Contact" has a bit of a Jeff Mills or Berkovi feel to it... including additional sounds joining in... creating turmoil and sometimes making the transition to deeper and atmospheric Detroit Techno.

Release date: 12th August 2013

1. Evolve

2. The Fallen

3. Involve

4. Contact

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