Trapez 146 - Paride Saraceni - Deeply Wired

Paride Saraceni is known for his productions internationally and "Centaurus" proves again there are not many techno producers around who can bring together such a powerful production with a distinguished sound design.
"Centaurus" is one of these bold but comfortable trax you can play as loud as you want, they will always settle down nicely. The track keeps a low profile instead of being "in your face"... instead it works very much through the parameters of a sophisticated acoustic shaping and a massive baseline and is destined to be played out on bigger floors hence can easily manage peak time situations, since it is a real DJ weapon.

"Deeply Wired" is Paride’s excursion into the tribal world, which has always been attractive for techno producers. As he puts it himself: I think "Deeply Wired" showcases quite a particular way of using tribal percussions, which not many people do nowerdays... at least I haven't noticed it... This is why I wanted to experiment with it".
"Deeply Wired" has a unique Chicago house touch taking in an influence that you can’t deny a person like Lil Louis might be responsible for. Adapting it to harder techno this means Paride has programmed the sequences in a way that this feeling is kept also with his uptempo techno productions.

Tomy DeClerque has remixed "Deeply Wired" in a machine like "grinding" fashion from the beginning he makes it very clear, this remix is here too rock muscles in a funky but steady way. We can see this remix is a crowd pleaser in a big way! Get on the techno-bus!

Metodi Hristov’s remix of "Deeply Wired" could not be more different from the one of Tomy DeClerque’s, does it not choose a vintage sound design (including: classic percussion) and melodic chords that sneak in towards the middle of the track and thereby convey nicely the spirit of the Warehouse spirit of the early 90ies.

The last track "Sinnerland" connects nicely with "Deeply Wired" giving it a percussive but deeper approach, with chords slowly surfacing creating a hypnotic, warm and seductive feel.

Release date: 09th September 2013

1. Centaurus

2. Deeply Wired

3. Tomy DeClerque
Deeply Wired Remix

4. Metodi Hristov
Deeply Wired Remix

5. Sinnerland

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