Trapez 149 - Frankyeffe - Hoch

We welcome Frankyeffe with his first solo EP on Trapez. Domiciled in Rome, he is definitely one of the most up-and-coming producers and DJ's of the "young generation". Starting his career in 2008 he is now mentioned in the same breath as top artist such as: Joseph Capriati, Sasha Carassi, Gary Beck, Mauro Picotto, Markantonio, Marco Bailey, Speedy J, Adam Beyer, Dubfire Alex Bau, Xhin, Axel Karakasis, Harvey McKay, Tom Hades, Soren Aalberg, AnGy KoRe, Kiko and Kyle Geiger. He spent three seasons as resident DJ at the Rashomon Club in Rome, which surely is one oft he most influential clubs for electronic underground music in the Italian capital which gained him much respect and shaped his sound.

Frankyeffe’s first track of the EP "Hoch" makes it clear from the very first second, there is no escape with his music. He is on this planet to create an energy flow.
Frankeffe is a master of ceremony, the way he introduces the pounding kick and the shivering baseline adding elements step by step is a very convincing one. He steers his vessel with much skill and pride and he radiates so much energy every moment many cannot radiate so much in their whole life.
"Hoch" makes no stunts and there or no frills... "Hoch" is a massive piece of granite that makes a groove in the earth.

"Air" throws up tiny particles in the sky which settle on the earth and build small exact geometric hills everywhere. "Air" is still and massive but has moments of brutality that build up and are destroyed. This track here works very strongly with contrasts and that makes it a welcome "gatecrasher"!

The third original is "Spread" and that describes very well the horizontal energy of this track. Here sounds have more of a soothing panoramic function, others are more wailing expressing even melancholic feelings. In the end "Spread" turns out to be much more epic and conceptional then the other two tracks… which take less turns. This by no doubt is a very strong one!

Swedish producer Mikael Jonasson who recently has released together with Petter B on Drumcode and several brilliant EPs on Figure, Phobiq Recordings and many other label. He has taken on "Hoch" which is a pretty though task considering the fact that "Hoch" is very minimalistic.
But Mikael Jonasson does not let us down, he mixes loud acoustic sounds on top to give an extra acoustic space and rhythm, providing the track with and extra note of jack-funk! When Mikael Jonasson writes breaks he makes no prisoners... and he sure has done this also with his brilliant remix of "Hoch".

Markus Bohm has worked together with Frankyeffe on several projects. The Italian producer is influenced by many musical genres and you can witness this here with his epic and fantastic colorful remix which has a 3 minute intro! Well you cannot really call it an intro it is rather a very sophisticated way of moving sounds and creating dynamic especially when chords hist the track at minute two. When the Kick drum kicks in at minute 3 there is no holding back... this remix is real melodic-electronic stormer.

The last of the three remixes comes from Russian producer Skober who has installed a great forward drive with reminiscences of acid. Check out this one.

Release date: 09. December 2013

1. Hoch

2. Air

3. Spread

4. Hoch
(Mikael Jonasson Remix)

5. Spread
(Markus Bohm Remix)

6. Air
(Skober Remix)

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