Trapez 150 - A. Trebor - Static

Four all of you who liked "The Final Riot EP" by A. Trebor on Trapez, this is the perfect follow up! "Must Be High" opens up the EP and refers to the impact of early Chicago House "morse code-funk" with all it’s sequential tightness.
Trebor is a master of blending sequences together and achieving a stunning swell of sequences that create an even more impressive tension.
Hypnotic and simplistic, Trebor shows how fascinating it is to just ride the right horse for good. Rocking techno with a vintage feel we like!

When "Shuffle" starts Mike Dunn and Robert Armani come to life and the whole Dance Mania world once again rises and darkens the moon. This is hi-energy techno with that human touch you will not hear very often these days. This is music written not to analyze but to move your feet to.
Great music with lots of soul and passion for those who know!

"Static" is the track on this EP that has the most modern approach what the kick-bassline component is concerned but works very much the way "Must Be High" does, when it blends intense sequences into each other. Cutting feedback noises join in towards the end to highlight once again one of these morse signals a la Trebor we don´t understand but feel are urgent.

"Static" is another mysterious EP by the French artist A. Trebor who has lately played Berlin‘s club Berghain with big success.

Release date: 13. January 2014

1. Must Be High

2. Shuffle

3. Static

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