Trapez 151 - Leghau - Upsurge EP

Leghau is back with a full 4 track EP.
"Upsurge" has the heaviness of a diesel engine that slowly but effectively changes it’s gears. With the perfection of a painter Leghau adds one element after the other creating suspense on a high level! This feels as if nitroglycerin was being transported through the jungle on dirt roads with obstacles by man trucks.

"Washing" starts with electronic weirdness and mystic but injects a powerful drum and funky programmed percussion slapping you in the face with small-sized hands.
Hard funk at its best, unfussy and relentless.

"Patience" starts like a hard techno track but then takes in atmospheric "space flight sounds" to get carried away into a totally different hemisphere. The way back to the reality of the hard beats is a tough one and it is in these moments when switching from one aggregate state to the next one, that this track shows it’s full strength and tension.

German artist Heron who has recorded for Soma has remixed "Patience" which we regard not as an easy task. Heron has rewritten the beat structure and has disguised the atmospheric sounds and has included it throughout the track. That has resulted in a different structure altogether and there are moments when you seem to hear melodies of a Derrick May handwriting which might be a result of a stereophony!

Release date: 10. February 2014

1. Upsurge

2. Washing

3. Patience

4. Patience
    (Heron Remix)

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