Trapez 152 - Roy RosenfelD - Konnekted EP

Roy RosenfelD combines dark heavy techno with modern production skills.

So when you listen to the opening track "Kontrust" you can hear rotating razor sharp sounds that linger in the air like acid rain. Yes "Kontrust" is a superb piece of bass driven techno and it means madness on the dance floor… serious affair for Roy and for all clubbers.

"Komplete" is the followup track and not a week track either. The baseline is so fat that it directly floods the dance floor with a coolness and funk you don’t want to miss. Thats a big tune for us!

"Art Is Konnekted" makes use of these ever downhill sliding baselines which could make an elephant vomit if they were played on a deeper key. Roy RosenfelD puts a lot of tricky rhythm programming also in to this track and has a Jeff Mills feeling in this one sequence which will keep you facing all through the track!

"Justice" is a big bass techno track again but uses siren sounds and down pitched vocals that make it a mad track for the lads.

Release date: 10. March 2014

1. Kontrust

2. Komplete

3. Art Is Konnekted

4. Justice

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