rapez 153 - Alex Under - Teletienda

"Whisper XL" like the title suggests is a track that is drenched in a feeling of conspiracy and simmering suspense. "Whisper XL" is if you will a dance on a volcano... where passages thin the surface to allow the track to develop enormous tension. The number of elements in the track are restricted to a few which work very affectively in the hypnotic blend and modulation of passages and this is where the track gets its strength from.

Alex Under understands the dynamic of a club-night perfectly well. This track is a DJ weapon... the break downs are so massive… you will not forget them.

If "Whisper XL" stands for the twilight, "AB Flex" believes in the rewarding early hours when the light knocks through the stained glass windows of industrial sites. Saw tooth sequences and psychedelic voices alternate and build a track that in its core makes a strong reference to moments of pumping adrenaline and mad dancing. This track is for techno believers, the parameters are clear and the boots are ready to do the talking... just wait for the starting signal to loose yourself in speed and light.

Release date: 07. April 2014

1. Whisper XL

2. AB Flex

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