Trapez 154 - Fractious - Allspark EP

Yes, Fractious is back with a new EP on Trapez. We released his last EP in April 2013 and we knew it would not be the last one with us.
Fractious kicks off his EP with the mighty techno track "Allspark". It has an irresistible groove, exploding and nicely recorded FX sounds, acoustic drum rolls, well all in all a brilliant feast of well chosen techno elements. Who loves monstrous baselines in the shape of a dragnet will find a perfect specimen in this track.

"Bull Dog" has that uplifting funky programming you want in a beat and the occurring vocal samples when you play harder techno all through the night. "Bull Dog" is a slack and cool piece of techno for people who like a bit of serenity instead of silly stunts.

"Jawbone" is the most industrial of the first there tracks, marching away with a nice blend of loud and quiet percussion alternating in a funky fashion… after all "Jawbone" is not a singleminded track but consists of passages all with a different dynamic level which makes it a super nice track.

"Sabre Rattle" is the last one of the original tracks and adds another perspective Fractious has not highlighted in one of the previous tracks on this EP. "Sabre Rattle" highlights very skillfully arranged samples of screaming sounds in a rhythmic pattern that will rock the crowd for sure.

Secret Cinema has remixed "Allspark" and has given the original a somehow voyage like character with sounds that have that interplanetary feeling we know from some Detroit records of the past and we cannot get enough of. Very nicely done!

Petter B known from Drumcode was on our list for some time since we really like what he has been doing, so when we heard he will join us we were delighted. Petter B has remixed "Bull Dog" and has integrated his unique "roll" of rhythmic elements in this remix which makes it a great one.

Mars Bill has remixed "Sabre Rattle" in a very cool stoical way. The breakdown in this track has this silent urgency which is mesmerizing!

Release date: 12. May 2014

1. Allspark (Original Mix)

2. Bull Dog (Original Mix)

3. Jawbone (Original Mix)

4. Sabre Rattle (Original Mix)

5. Allspark
    (Secret Cinema Remix)

6. Bull Dog
    (Petter B Dub Mix)

7. Sabre Rattle
    (Mars Bill Remix)

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