Trapez 156 - Paride Saraceni & Stiv Hey - Syntharum EP

Paride Saraceni has become a real force in the techno world and teams up here with Italian artist Stiv Hey aka Stefano Ardemagni who has recorded on on Dubfire’s label SCi+TEC in the past.

"Syntharum" is the opening track and a "wunderwerk" on the recording side. We can say we expect nothing less from Paride since his ability to enhance the genre of hard techno with modern sounding elements has always been his trademark. Showing great skill of incorporating fantastic FX sound such as reverbs, creating nice spaces within a strong and tight piece of driving techno music, making him a global player. And the collaboration with Stiv Hey gives the sound that extra quality which makes the track sound so fresh and lively.

"Shifted" has that mighty pulsating baseline, all jumpy and with enough vertical energy to have the nods coming from the dancers by effect. Short breaks pull in enough air to breathe before the duo has their beats return to the crime set. This is a powerful track with a seductive groove that just rolls and rolls. And even during the breaks... that habit sticks to your brain… it could go on forever.

When "Downtown" begins we directly sense a more soulful approach and we are not disappointed, Paride Saraceni and Stiv Hey have written a great crowd pleaser here smooth as silk and slick as a cucumber. This track is drumming along and has that great mildness that makes it attractive to all DJs.

Release date: 07. July 2014

1. Syntharum

2. Shifted

3. Downtown

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