Trapez 158 - TEKART - Knob

Tekart is a result of numerous illegal parties in the beginning of 2000 in the industrial areas of London. His music is inspired by the rawness and open mindedness of illegal squat parties. So here is his debut on our label including remixes by Dema & Paride Saraceni and Anthony Castaldo.

The EP opens with "Knob" not to be mistaken by our track by Jeff Samuel. This "Knob" has the aesthetics of an over dimensional industrial machine at work, sequences are grinding and digging with beats but smooth in the execution.

The first remix comes from Dema & Paride Saraceni and all of you know that the duo has a great flow with all their music. So their version of "Knob" is a real smasher for the dance floors worldwide.

Another remix of "Knob" comes from Naples shooting star Anthony Castaldo who has worked in a long hypnotic break down taking things to the very quiet before bringing back his powerful beats.

Tekart’s second original "Collage" works stronger on the side of landscape of sounds, modulating and filtering sequences in the course of track, creating nice dynamic up and downs.

The last track of the EP "Rhombus" has more lively funky synths and adds dark voices. The track has a rolling groove and ties the dancer alluringly to the beat.

Release date: 22. September 2014

1. Knob

2. Knob
    (Dema & Paride Saraceni Remix)

3. Knob
    (Anthony Castaldo Remix)

4. Collage

5. Rhombus

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